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joann shield took her Mercedes to our shop she as been customer 6 yr, bouncing checks, left here car year and half, then picked it up paid with visa card next day sent a letter with attorney logo to stop payment, claiming car wasn't fixed she sold the car month later. i filed small claims now she is suing or car business, she uses her status to scare us so no one finds out all the fraud she has done karma is coming and she's a good mormon

please email me with advise i ' have attorney I have owned our small business for 14 years, have hundreds of happy customer including Joanns sister.

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Attorney Joann Shields takes money from clients and disappears

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Attorney Joann Shields in Draper Utah claims to practice consumer protection law.But her clients need to be protected from her.

Two examples: Third District Court case 084900471. Deann Croft Edwards v. Terrell Edwards. Client claimed to court she took his money and disappeared making him lost his case.

Fourth District Court CASE No. 090400216. Kyco Services v. Aspen.

Clients paid her money and she disappeared making them lose big money in court. Many other cases where she did the same. Her clients needs to be protected from her personal problems and her need for money to solve her problems. Attorney Joann Shields was also arrested and booked into Utah County jail February 16, 2010 for fighting with a police officer.

She plead guilty in CASE NUMBER 105101058 Traffic Court Case in Draper Utah. Second time she's been arrested and gone to jail.

Her house was in foreclosure.

She needs money.Beware of this attorney calling herself a saint protecting consumers.



I completely disagree with this, and although I don't know Ms. Shields well, she has always been extremely prepared, thorough, and upfront in all of her representations. I have to suspect this complaint was written by a disgruntled client who lost his case, and would prefer to direct the blame at the attorney than at himself.


Shame on me for not noticing she was a fraud when I first saw her. Frenetic energy, self-consumed, frantic disorganization, grandiose promises, demeaning other people. Joann Shields turned out to be a major liar.

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